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Social media Ð it is probably the most phenomenal invention ever conceived by man since the birth of the World Wide Web. And even though earlier versions of online communication have flourished since the earliest days of the internet, nothing compares to the versatility, ease of use, and fun factor of social media. So what is social media? These are websites that are designed to allow people to connect to one another in a unique and brand new way. Users can keep their contacts updated round the clock. Graduating from the primitive text-form updates, users of modern social media sites can now also upload photos, video clips, slideshows, and music. Some of the most illustrious examples of social media include Facebook and Twitter. The trend of social media created something unprecedented in history Ð an online social community composed of millions of users around the globe. With social media, you have the power to reach people anywhere on the globe where there is internet connection. And the world of business and commerce is not slow to realize the profit potential of social media. Businessmen and investors quickly realized the huge potential that social media holds. They are particularly interested in the ability of social media sites to reach almost anyone. Yes, businessmen saw social media as a potential advertisement channel Ð a powerful advertisement channel that might rival the influence of television advertisement. Now, businessmen are effectively using social media sites to advertise their products and services. They also use social media to gather useful information which they can use for their marketing strategies. For instance, businessmen can use social media sites to perform a low cost survey campaign. Never before in the history of business has surveying been as cost effective. Moreover, social media sites allowed businessmen to reach more people than ever before. But for a social media site to serve its purpose, one must know how to use it properly. Take note that social media is a double-edged sword. If wielded correctly, it can propel your business upwards. If used wrongly, the effect can be the opposite. And that is why we offer you this eBook. In this eBook, you will find 200 unique and useful tips that will help you make use of social media in the most effective way possible. With this You are advised to connect with your subscribers. But you must keep a professional relationship. You should also exercise professionalism in the posts, comments, and multimedia content that you upload and post. You cannot control how your subscribers will behave. They may post hate comments, destructive comments, and they may argue with one another. Always be on the watch and take appropriate action as soon as possible. Be interesting, Blog posts that talk about business offers, product offers and services can be really dry and boring. You have to think of ways on how to make dry topics sound interesting.

Edit your profile page Unlike Facebook and Twitter, you have greater freedom when it comes to customizing your Youtube profile page. Take this advantage to make your page look more attractive to other users. You can stand out this way. Sport a page design that suits the nature of your business Do not just sport any page design and theme that you personally prefer. Instead, you must sport a design that suits the nature of your business. For example, it might be wise to use a cartoonish theme if you are selling toys. On the other hand, you might want a more serious approach if your target customers are professionals. You need to be creative with your page design. However, you must do so in a professional way. Do not just be playful. Put some finesse into it. Your viewers will appreciate this and will think that you pay serious attention to ÔqualityÕ. Do you not have the skills to pull off a good page design? Then hire someone else to do it for you. You can outsource this task to online freelancers. Change page design according to season/event/holiday An attractive design will not stay attractive for too long. People will soon grow tired of it. Offer something new by changing your page design according to season/event/holiday (e.g. Christmas theme, Halloween theme, Sales day theme, etc.). 12 Avoid being over-decorated In your pursuit to have an attractive page design, you might end up overdoing things. This is a mistake that many online marketers make. The result? Their page looks unattractively shabby. 7

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8 Social Media Power YouTube Superstar  The Crowd Control Expert 13 Include a list of policies On Youtube, commenters are mostly anonymous. As a result, many users feel safe and at ease making destructive, insulting, and negative comments. Therefore, you must clearly state in your page what behavior you will not tolerate. 14 Delete damaging comments Despite posting a list of policies, some will still do as they please. You should always be on the watch for destructive comments. Delete them immediately before anyone else sees. 15 Discourage arguments Sometimes, hate comments are not directed towards you. Clashes can happen amongst commenters themselves. Halt such arguments right away. You can delete their comments, give them warning, or ban them from your page. 16 Monitor your main page and videos regularly Youtube is live 24/7. Comments may be posted while you are sleeping, taking a bath, or making your dinner. A bad post can be made anytime. You should always be on the lookout. Monitor your Youtube page regularly. 17 Hire a moderator You have other things to do in life. You may also be busy with work. Therefore, it might be wise to hire a page moderator Ð someone who will maintain the page on your behalf. 18 Be polite at all times You may need to reply to the questions of some of your viewers and subscribers. When you do, you should always be polite. You have to be polite even if the other person is being difficult to deal with. 19 Ban abusive users You may start with a warning. But if a user is repetitively abusive, you have the option of banning him/her from your page. 20 Restrict comments if necessary You have the option of turning off the comments feature. But use this sparingly. 8

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9 Social Media Power 21 Restrict Thumbs Up if necessary You have the option of turning off the Thumbs Up feature. But use this sparingly. YouTube Superstar  The Authentic Page 22 Use company logo and name Viewers must know that your Youtube page belongs to your business/company. Start by decorating your Youtube page with your company logo and name. Make sure that it also appears in each of your videos. 23 Get rid of spams immediately How do spams affect the authenticity of your page? If you are unable to control spams, people will think that you are not capable of maintaining your page. This will affect how people view you. 24 Provide a link to your main website Another way to tell people that you are authentic is to provide a link that will direct people to your companyÕs official website (if you have one). Also, your official website must provide a link that will direct people to your Youtube page. 25 Keep your videos top-notch If your videos are of low quality, people will surely relate it to the quality standards of your company. 26 Post a welcome video Make at least one video that welcomes Youtube users to your Youtube page. It must be delivered by one of the top officials of your company (owner, manager, supervisor, CEO, etc.). 9

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10 Social Media Power YouTube Superstar  The Easy-To-Find Content 27 Use tags Without tags, the videos you uploaded will likely stay invisible in the video archives of Youtube. Make your video visible by adding as many tags as possible. 28 Know what tags to use What single-word terms should you use as tags? It could be any word that is related to the video. With a video that talks about ÔtelevisionÕ for example, related tags could include the following: flat, screen, LCD, plasma, 3D, HD, etc. 29 Use appropriate title The title of your video will also determine if your video is hard to find or not. Make sure that your videoÕs title is complete and best describes the content of the video. 30 Provide a good description You might want to include all the keywords in the title of your video. But that is not possible nor is it attractive to do so. You have the chance of mentioning the rest of the keywords and secondary keywords in the description box. 31 Add related pages to your friends list There may be other pages that are somewhat related to your market niche. If those pages already have a large subscriber base, it will benefit you to add those pages in your friends list. This way, you are exposing your page to their subscribers. Maybe some of them will subscribe to your page as well. 10

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11 Social Media Power FACEBOOK Facebook Superstar: The Trendy Page Likes You expose your page not only to subscribers (people who liked your page) but also to the people that are in their friends list. So by having many ÔLikesÕ you are effectively reaching out to more people. This is a powerful advertising tool. 33 Keep subscribers hooked Just because a user subscribed to your page does not mean that they will stay around. Always keep them hooked to your page by making regular posts. Your posts should also be interesting. 34 Always offer fresh content When running out of ideas, some pages resort to recycling old content. You should avoid this. Most people are smart enough to realize that you are recycling stuff. You content should always be fresh and interesting. 35 Open a group account instead With Facebook, you have the option of opening either a personal account or a group account. For business related purposes, a group account offers more useful features (e.g. advertisement feature). Facebook Superstar: The Image Expert 36 Be authentic Anyone can make a Facebook account and put the name of your business on it. Therefore, it is important that you set your Facebook page apart by being authentic. There are many ways to make your page look authentic. One way is to use the company logo. 37 Be professional Professionalism will go a long way in telling your subscribers that you mean business. Always act accordingly and avoid childish and immature jokes in your posts and comments (unless it is part of the marketing strategy). 11

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12 Social Media Power 38 Be polite The way you respond to your subscribers will largely contribute to your companyÕs public image. It is important that you maintain a ÔpoliteÕ standing in order to win the heart of your subscribers. Also, they will admire and commend you this way. 39 Advertise successes Announcements like Òour sales went up by 25% this yearÓ and Òwe manage to enter the Thai market and things are looking goodÓ tell people that your company is moving forward. This will make people trust and respect you more. 40 Avoid posting negative and potentially insulting comments Taking care of your image means avoiding things that will your company a bad reputation. Therefore, it is important that you steer clear from negative comments and insulting words. 41 Avoid posts that might incite arguments Topics that touch religion, politics, and racial issues will almost always result in an argument. Avoid posting anything related to such controversial topics. 42 Be considerate to the feelings of your subscribers To do this, you have to study the contents of your post before you publish it. Ask yourself: Ôis this potentially offensive to someone?Õ If you will be advertising a skin whitening product for example, do you think it is wise to openly say that fair skin is better than dark skin tone? Or will that offend dark-skinned people? Facebook Superstar: The Advertisement Expert 43 Narrow down your target audience If you are selling womenÕs clothes for example, you are probably just wasting money by advertising to the male subscribers of Facebook. Therefore, it is important that you narrow down the scope of your advertisement to your target audience (you pay Facebook more by including more categories of people in your scope of advertisement). 44 Capture the attention of your target audience Just because you found your target audience does not mean that they will buy from you or even take a second look at what you have to offer. What you need to do is capture their attention. Be unique and imaginative with your advertisement schemes. 12

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13 Social Media Power 45 Know the interests of your target audience If you know the interest of your target audience, it will be easier to capture their attention. If your target customers are teenagers in Europe for example, you can start by researching the trends among teenagers in Europe. 46 Know how to reach your audience You know who your target customers are. You also know what their interests are. But you also have to know how to reach them. Facebook offers several options you can choose from Ð some are paid, some are not. Choose wisely. 47 Pay SOME attention to closely related connections Earlier, we discussed that you should focus your advertisement on your target customers. But you also need to advertise to other groups. When it comes to womenÕs clothes for example, you may also want to reach husbands and boyfriends who are looking for gift ideas for their partner. 48 Subscribe to related groups You might also want to subscribe to related Facebook pages. If you are selling womenÕs bags for example, you can like pages of businesses that sell bags, shoes, and such. This way, your page will be exposed to the subscribers of those related pages. They will get the chance to see your own page. 49 Like the posts of related groups Make yourself more visible to the subscribers of related Facebook pages. You can do this by occasionally liking the comment posts of those Facebook pages. Just be careful not to like a questionable post. 50 Facebook Superstar: The Post Expert 51 Use captivating words When you want to say something to your subscribers, do not simply say what you have in mind. You need to tell them in style. Prepare a phrase or paragraph that is catchy. Maybe you can use some rhymes too. 52 Avoid being too shabby The danger of attempting to be ÔcaptivatingÕ is the possibility of being Ôtoo shabbyÕ. A phrase that you thought would click might actually appear as ÔcheapÕ. You can avoid this by asking opinions before posting anything. 13

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14 Social Media Power 53 Use images and photos to spice up your posts Sometimes, mere words are not enough to get the attention of Facebook users. You might want to add some photos to go with the message. Just make sure the image is related to the post. 54 Use graphics instead of plain text Sometimes, the words do not have to be in typed text form. You can integrate the text with the image and post that image. This should make things more interesting. 55 Use videos instead of plain text You can also make your posts more interesting by expressing them through a video clip. With the use of both video effects and sound effects, your subscribers will enjoy more. 56 Use audio instead of plain text This is not a very popular choice but it should work in some situations. 57 Use different posting styles alternately Mentioned above are the different ways of expressing your thoughts through your Facebook page. So which one should you use? It is advisable that you use them all alternately. Starred Post feature Timeline profile is divided into the left and right side. A standard post normally takes only one side. But if you ÔstarÕ a post, it will use the entire space (left and right side). This way, the post will be more noticeable. This is useful if you want to make a certain post stand out more. Pinned Post feature Unlike the Ôstarred postÕ, the Ôpinned post only takes one side of the Timeline profile. However, a Ôpinned postÕ will take the uppermost side of the page making it noticeable. 14

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15 Social Media Power Facebook Superstar: The Multimedia Expert 60 Maximize storage space using Youtube We previously discussed that it is good to use multimedia content to convey your messages to your subscribers. However, Facebook limits how much you can upload. To save on space, you can upload the video to your Youtube account and post the URL of the video on your Facebook page. 61 Delete very old multimedia posts Another way to save on storage space is to delete very old posts. Just make sure that you delete the oldest posts because some people still like to view your old posts. 62 Keep video clips short and concise The purpose of this is not only to save on storage space. Most of your viewers might be very busy people. Even if they are not busy, most people are not patient enough to watch a lengthy clip. Keep your videos short, detailed, and complete. 63 Use designs that correspond to your market When making a video, make sure that you use graphics and style effects that are suited to your nature of business. For example, it might not be appropriate to use playful music and childish themes in a video that targets adult professionals such as managers, supervisors, and CEOs. 64 Use subtitles on your videos Some people might be using a computer that does not come with good speakers. Some might be accessing the web in a public place where the noise is bustling. So if you included voice in your video clips, it is wise to add a subtitle. 65 Keep video quality top-notch Do not settle for mediocre and low quality video that looks like it is made by kid. Most of your subscribers will judge your companyÕs capability based on how well you make video clips. 66 Hire experts to make the video Do not let just anyone make the promotional video clips for you. Make sure that you ask an expert who knows the stuff. 67 Consider outsourcing the job to freelancers Your team might not have a professional video artist. In which case, you can simply outsource the task to others. The internet is a good place to find freelancer video artists. Those from the Philippines are particularly impressive. 15

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16 Social Media Power Always authenticate your videos with your own logo Your videos should always include your company name and company logo. All your videos may start with the company logo and name. 68 Recycle objects to save on cost Multimedia content such as videos are made up of elements which include images, sounds, and short clips. You may have also paid money to obtain these elements. To save on cost, you can reuse elements you already to come up with newer multimedia content. 69 Use video size that everyone can view A high quality video with high frame rate, high sound bitrate, and high-definition encoding is definitely an eye-candy. Sadly, not all users can view such videos. Some use computers with low specifications and internet connection that is not very fast. Facebook Superstar: The Troll Management Expert 70 Put up a PolicPolic The policy page should clearly state the things and behavior that you will not tolerate on your page. Although try not to sound too bossy when writing down the list of doÕs and donÕts. Try using ÔavoidÕ instead of ÔneverÕ. And do not forget to use the word ÔpleaseÕ. 71 Closely and regularly monitor every posts made by subscribers People around the globe can make posts on your Facebook page round the clock. With every second that passes by, a new post and/or comment may have already been made by someone. So keep watch. regularly ÔRegularlyÕ means you should check your page at regular intervals (e.g. every 1 hour, every 5 hours, every day, etc.). Set a time interval that is convenient to you. 73 Hire someone to monitor the page at regular intervals You might not have the time to check your Facebook page regularly. In which case, it is advisable that you hire a page moderator Ð someone will monitor and maintain your page. 16

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17 Social Media Power 74 Quickly remove Spams Some people will attempt to post spams on your page. You may think it is okay to leave them. However, viewers will get the impression that you are not maintaining your page properly. 75 Remove potentially damaging comments Some people, for many different reasons, will try to say bad things about your company and your products/services. They are the detractors. Quickly remove any posts from them before other people sees. 76 Never fall to argumentation There are

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those that will attempt to provoke you into answering back. That is what they want. They want to make you look bad. Avoid entering into argumentations no matter what. You must be professional. 77 Answer questions politely There are those that will ask you questions through posts and comments. Whether they are polite, aggressive, pushy, or just trying to annoy you, it is necessary that you answer them politely. Do not argue. Simply provide the answer to their question. 78 Avoid ignoring crucial questions Sometimes, a detractor will ask a question that will attract the attention and interest of your subscribers. If you do not provide an answer, your subscribers will think that you are dodging the question and that you are hiding something. You will leave an unanswered question in their mind. You must avoid this. 79 Ban repetitively abusive users Depending on the gravity of the offense, you may choose to simply warn an abusive user. But if he/she is repetitively breaking your rules and policies (e.g. posting hate comments), you may need to take the appropriate course of action. Facebook Superstar: The SEO Expert 80 Find the most-searched keywords in your category To be an SEO expert, you must be good in generating keywords. You can do this using Google AdWord Ð a tool that can generate the most searched keywords for a particular market. You can use the generated keywords to write SEO powered articles. 17

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18 Social Media Power 81 Include the main keyword in the page title You will generate many keywords. But there is always just one main keyword. Include this keyword in the title of your page. This way, your Facebook page will have better chances of making it to the top search results of Google when someone searches for a related keyword. 82 nclude the main keyword in the URL This has the same effect as including your main keyword in your title page. Facebook will automatically give you a URL name when you sign up. You can change this in the settings. Replace the default URL name and include the main keyword on the new URL name. 83 Use secondary keywords in your regular posts If the main keyword is to be used in the URL and title page, where will you use the secondary keywords? You can use them in the short articles that you post. But do not forge to still include the main keyword along with the secondary keywords. 84 Do not give up quality when integrating keywords/phrases In their attempt to integrate keywords to their articles, some writers end up sacrificing the quality and sincerity of the article. Do not resort to this. Quality should still be your priority. 85 Update the keywords used on regular intervals The most searched keywords change after some time. As such, AdWords may not generate the same results as it did a week or even a day ago. So always generate new keywords on regular intervals. Update your Facebook page using the new set of keywords. Facebook Superstar: The Link Expert 86 Post links to related news articles This is one way to keep your viewers tuned to your page. If you see an online article that is related to your market niche, especially those by reputable sources such as Times Magazine online, it would be a good idea to share that page on your Facebook profile. 87 Post links to related video clips You may also find online videos that talk about your market niche. If the content of those videos are of interest to your viewers, you can link them to you Facebook page. 18

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19 Social Media Power Facebook Superstar: The Information Expert 88 Announce promos and events through your Facebook page If you have promos, it would be a good idea to announce them through your Facebook page (e.g. we will offer 50% discount on selected items from Jan 15 to January 18). After some time, your subscribers will realize that you are announcing your promos through Facebook. This way, they will keep visiting your page to check for your next promo offer. 89 Announce business changes through your Facebook page If there are some changes in your business (new products, days closed, service hours, etc.), announce them through your Facebook page. It will not only inform your subscribers, but it will also alleviate the authenticity of your page. 90 Reveal only the physical address of the office This has to do with safety. Be transparent enough by revealing the physical address of your office. This will also help with authenticity. But there is no need to reveal the physical address of the admins and the company employees. 91 Reveal only the contact information of the office The same goes with the contact information. You should refrain from disclosing the contact information of your admins and employees. If they have a dedicated email address used for the sole purpose of entertaining customers, you may disclose that email ID then. 92 Be discreet in withholding information about the admin To avoid identity theft, you should be discreet in withholding information about your admins and employees. People with ill intention may use the personal information of other people for their benefit. It can be used for conning, scamming, and deceiving. 93 Link Facebook and Yahoo Messenger This will help you stay updated on everything that is happening on your Facebook page. When someone posts something, you will know right away via your Yahoo Messenger. 94 Access Facebook via mobile phone This is for mobility. If you can access your Facebook page through your mobile phone, then you will always stay updated. You can even make posts using your mobile phone. 19

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20 Social Media Power Facebook Superstar  The Page Moderator 95 Hire a page moderator With a diligent page moderator, your Facebook page will be easily maintained. And with a page moderator, negative comments will be removed earlier. 96 Divide the task among employees You may not need to hire another person to do the task of a page moderator. You may simply divide the task among your existing employees. For example, you may task employee A to monitor the page every 8 AM, employee B every 10 AM, employee C every 12 PM, and such. 97 Limit the actions of your moderator You moderator should know his/her limits. He/she should not make decisions for your company. He/she should only make posts according to your instructions. 98 Make sure your moderator understands your values You moderator may be authorized to make replies. In which case, he/she must understand your ideals and your policies especially when it comes to politeness and self-control. 20

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21 Social Media Power TWITTER Twitter Superstar: The Image Expert 99 Maintain a good follower/following ratio If you are following more people than the number of people following you, it will not create a good image for you. There should always be more people that follow you. 100 Generate followers The start is the most difficult part. Ask people that you know to follow you on Twitter. They could be relatives, employees, friends, and friend of friends. 101 Be selective on who to follow As already mentioned, you need to follow only a limited number of Twitter users. As such, you need to be selective. Follow only those that matters. 102 Maintain a professional attitude People do not usually mind what others say. But since your Twitter account represents a company, they will be sensitive to the things that you will say. Be professional at all times so as not to create a bad image for your company. 103 Be diligent in replying You will appear as a snob if you refrain too often from replying to the questions of your followers. Unlike Facebook, Twitter puts more highlight on replies. Be diligent in replying. 104 Use the company name and logo This is one way to authenticate that you Twitter account is really connected to your company. It is also one way to isolate your page from possible posers. 105 Be connected to popular groups Do not just follow any popular group. The popular group that will follow must be connected to your market niche. If you are selling baby products for example, it might be a good idea to follow the Twitter page of Gerber, Huggies, and other popular baby product brands. 21

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22 Social Media Power The Twitter Superstar: Crowd Management Expert 106 Ban abusive users These are called trolls. Some people will seek to tarnish your public image. Maybe they are people who were once displeased with your service or product. If they continue to be abusive, simply ban them from your page. 107 Check what people are saying about you People will talk about you. Always check what they are saying. If you detect any libelous comments, you have the power to report them to Twitter. 108 Avoid controversial comments These are comments that may attract negative reactions. Avoid making such comments. 109 Avoid reacting to controversial topics You have the power to reply to the public messages of others. But you must limit your use of this power. You must especially steer clear from controversial topics (e.g. religion, racial topics, politics, etc.). 110 Provide discreet contact and address information This will give people an impression that you have nothing to hide. Provide the office phone number and physical address of your business/company. 22

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23 Social Media Power MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS Consistency With Information 111 Posts about the same news must be consistent The danger of having multiple accounts is having inconsistent information. When you post about the same thing on all your social media accounts, make sure they provide exactly the same information. 112 Make posts at the same time To avoid inconsistency, you should make posts at the same time. So if you need to announce a 50% discount sale promo for example, do it on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts at the same time. 113 Allow one person to make all the posts across different accounts It will also help if the same person is making the posts on all your social media accounts. This will prevent inconsistency. 114 Check and re-check And of course, you will need to check and re-check all the posts that you made. No matter how careful you are, some mistakes will still go through once in a while. Advertising Accounts 115 Mention the other accounts in one account You can provide this list at the description page, about page, or even the title page. 116 Report growth of other accounts Tell your subscribers how your other accounts are faring. This will attract them to subscribe to you other accounts as well. In your Twitter for example, say something like: ÒOur Facebook page hit its first 100,000 likes!Ó 117 Invite subscribers to check your other accounts In your Twitter for example, you may Tweet Òcheck out our Facebook page as wellÓ. 23

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24 Social Media Power 118Provide links to other accounts Some subscribers might be too lazy to check out your other accounts. Help them out and make things easier for them by providing a URL link that works. 24

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25 Social Media Power HOOTSUITE.COM 119 Manage multiple social media accounts Managing multiple social media accounts is difficult. But this tool allows you to do the task with more ease. Sign up and use Hootsuite to manage all your social media accounts. 120 Make scheduled message posts You can pre-program Hootsuite to make blog posts and Tweets. Of course, you have to prepare the messages in advance. 121 Track brand mentions A subscriber or a commenter might inconspicuously mention other brands in your page. Track this activity and see what their comment is all about. 123 View analysis report This will make it easier for you to analyze how well your social media account is doing. Reports like traffic flow will be very useful to you. 124 Use RSS feeds This will allow you to auto-update your social media accounts via news feed or from your blog. 125 Enjoy the free account offers a free service. The features available are limited but most businesses will do with it. The free account offers the following features: manage 5 social profiles, use quick reports, use message scheduling, have 2 RSS feeds. 126 Use the paid service If you are the demanding user and you manage quite a few more social media accounts than regular, you might need a paid service. The paid Hootsuite service offers the following additional features: control unlimited profiles, use analytics reports, use Google analytics integration, use Facebook insights integration, have unlimited RSS feeds, have 2 free users. 25

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26 Social Media Power COMPOSING POSTS 127 Match writing style with audience Consider your audience. Are they young people? Are they old people? Are they conservative individuals? Are they outgoing? Are they sensitive to some forms of speech? Consider these factors and write accordingly. 128 Write in an active tone A paragraph or a sentence with an active tone makes use of action words. Instead of saying ÔYou can save money byÉÓ you should say ÒSave money byÉÓ. This style of speech encourages readers to take action. 129 Use highlighting techniques Highlight important words to make a message or blog post more noticeable. So instead of simply posting ÒSave up to 10 USD and get a free headphoneÓ, you should post ÒSAVE up to 10 USD and get a FREE headphoneÓ. You can also highlight using underlined and bold text. 130 Hire people to compose blog posts for you If you are not confident enough that you can properly compose blog posts, you should outsource the task to those who can. You can find freelance blog post writers at 131 Make sure your writers understand your trade If you outsource this task, make sure that the writer knows about your product, services, and your policies. Communicate closely with the person you hire. 26

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27 Social Media Power CLOSING THE COMPETITION Topping your competitors 132 Offer something more Are your competitors getting more subscribers and more views? Then try offering something more. If they are always posting good multimedia content, then start by posting more multimedia content that are of better quality. 134 If you cannot beat them, be good in something else CanÕt beat your competitor in terms of multimedia content? Then beat them with better blog posts. CanÕt beat their frequent discount offers? Then beat them with better quality products. 135 Aim for their numbers Use their numbers as the goal that drives you. If you have 1000 subscribers and your competitor has 10,000, then your goal is to get another 9,000 subscribers. 136 Aim for their subscribers Why not attract their subscribers towards you? Maybe you can send them newsletters. Learning from your competitors 137 See how your competitors use social media Admit it. Your competitor might be better at handling their social media account. In which case, simply learn from their expertise. Do how they do things. 138 See which of their messages get more response Which among the blog posts of your competitor are getting more likes and replies? Study those posts and analyze why those posts are viral. Apply what you learn to your own blog posts. 139 Analyze what about their page you find unattractive (from a DIG i2DsclameDr T Imagine that you are a customer. As a customer (not a competitor), what do you find disappointing about their profile page? Identify the mistakes and avoid making the same errors. 27

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28 Social Media Power 140 See how they make use of multimedia Check out the video clips, images, graphics, sound clips, slideshows, and other media content posted by your competitors. See how they do things right or wrong. Monitoring your competitors 141 Regularly check the page of your competitors Keep checking the page of your competitor at a regular basis. See how often they are updating their page. Observe their movements and marketing plans. 141 Ask someone to do the monitoring You might not have all the time to snoop around your competitorÕs page round the clock. Ask someone to do it for you. 142 Check out their future plans Your competitors will announce things on their page. Keep checking for such posts and see their future plans. You particularly want to keep an eye on their marketing plans (e.g. discount sales, promo offers, etc.). 143 Check out their growth Check out how fast your competitors are growing. They will usually announce such growth to entice their subscribers. 144 Subscribe Create a dummy account. Subscribe to the site of your competitor. This is because some competitors restrict some information and some features to their subscribers and members only. Dummy Profiles 145 Make a dummy account Dummy account should not be traceable to you. Create a new email account for this purpose only. 28

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29 Social Media Power 146 Reply to blog posts and suggest your brand This will lead the subscribers of your competitor to check out your brand. You might convert some of them. 147 Make suggestions subtle to avoid spam alert When you suggest your brand, you must do so in a subtle way. It should not sound like a Spam or it will be removed. Be creative. 148 Make multiple accounts If you use only one account, people will notice that you are a spammer. Make about 10 social media accounts. 149 Create a comment string Create a conversation between your dummy accounts. When one account says: ÒI also liked Ó, another account may say ÒYeah I agreeÓ. 150 Make the dummy profile fully private Dummy accounts will likely have no friends, no real address, no albums, and such. You can mask this by making the dummy profiles fully private. This way, people will think that the albums and posts are not visible only because the profiles are private and not because those elements are really not there. 29

————————————— 30

30 Social Media Power ROLE MODEL 151 Check how industry leaders do it Industry leaders are the popular brands. With toothpastes for example, you can say that Colgate is one of the industry leaders. Check out the profile page of the leaders in your industry and see how they do things. 152 Analyze why they succeeded Study and observe the social media of these industry leaders. Why is their page viral and popular? Why are they getting a lot of subscribers? 153 Make a draft of how to imitate them You should not just copy them. You should make a plan on how to do it. Apply their techniques to your social media accounts Take note that there are a lot of differences between your company and your role model company even if your company is in the same industry. Do not just imitate things as they are. 30

————————————— 31

31 Social Media Power SURVEYS Getting Information 154 Know what your customers want/expect from you Use surveys to ask your customers what they want you to offer next. Maybe they are expecting you to sell some new product or offer some new service. 155 Get opinions about new plans Are you planning some big change in your company, products, and/or services? Then ask your customers what they think about it. See how they will react. 156 Get feedback on new things you tried Did you recently make some changes? See how your customers are faring with the changes that you made. Do they like it? Or do they hate it? Do they have suggestions that you might want to take note of? 157 Get feedback on products you sold See how your customers like the products that you sold. You will want to hear both the negative and the positive feedbacks. This will give you an idea on how to improve the products that you will sell in the future. Doing Surveys Right 158 Make surveys short Viewers will immediately back down upon seeing long survey questions with lengthy paragraphs and endless choices. Keep your surveys looking short and viewers will most likely be willing to participate. 159 Make survey questions short, detailed, concise, and complete The question and the choices does not have to be lengthy. Just be concise. This is how your subscribers will like it. Surveys like this one get more attention. 160 Keep the list of choices short Avoid having more than four choices for each question. 31

————————————— 32

32 Social Media Power 161 Pin/Star survey posts This feature is available in Facebook. You can ÔstarÕ or ÔpinÕ a post to make it more visible and more noticeable. When you post a survey question, you should either make it a Starred post of a Pinned post Ð assuming that you are using Facebook. Advertising Your Survey 162 Write in header box that you are holding a survey Let people know that you are holding a survey. The header box should advertise this. In a Facebook group account, this is the ÔAboutÕ page. Write something like: ÒWe are currently holding a survey. We will appreciate your participation. It will only take a few seconds/minutes.Ó 163 Advertise in main website that you are holding a survey You can assume that a lot of people are also viewing your main/official website. In your main website, you can say something like: ÒPlease join the survey we are holding in our Facebook page.Ó 164 Advertise survey through RSS feed Preset your RSS page to occasionally publish a reminder that tells your subscribers to join your survey. 165 Encourage people to join via newsletter Newsletter maybe the oldest method in the book. But it is still an effective online marketing strategy. Invite people via newsletter to join your survey. You might as well provide a link to the survey page. 32

————————————— 33

33 Social Media Power MARKETING Getting Attention 166 Advertise in advance If you will be holding a sale for example, it is best to announce it in advance to entice your subscribers and customers. You will also be able to get the opinions of your subscribers and customers about your plans. 167 Start with teasers Maybe you should post teasers first before revealing a promo offer or a sale day. Something like: Òwe have a special surprise for our customers next weekÓ will surely get your subscribers pumped up. 168 Make your announcements standout Use some techniques to make your marketing posts more noticeable. Use videos, images, sound clips, slideshows, and such. Highlight important words in as well. 169 Follow-up with newsletter Make your loyal customers feel special by informing them personally about your upcoming promos and discount offers. Send them a newsletter telling them about the promo. Upselling/Cross-selling Via Social Media 170 Announce upsell/cross sell options Customers might be better prepared to an upsell and cross offer sell if they are informed in advance. You have better chances of making an upsell and cross sell this way. 171 Tell people why they need it In your post, tell your subscribers how they will benefit from the upsell and cross sell option. Here is an example: ÒWith these Hi-Fi headphones, you will better enjoy the high multimedia capabilities of the gaming computer that you will buyÉ etc. etc.Ó 172 Tell people how much they will save People are always interested in gain. Tell them how much money they will save if they avail of the upsell and cross sell offer Ð assuming that the upsell and cross sell products you offer are at a discount. 33

————————————— 34

34 Social Media Power Provide A Digital Catalogue 173 Upload product photos Customers are primarily interested in what you offer. If your social media page provides a catalogue of your products, they will surely frequent your page. You will also get to advertise your products for free. 174 Provide product information/specification Post photos and include in the description box a list of specifications for the product. 175 Provide pricing data Many online users are also after the price list. Make sure that you include the price tags in your online catalogue. 176 Update catalogue regularly Whenever your catalogue changes, you must also make appropriate changes in your online catalogue. You do not want your subscribers to view an outdated catalogue. This could be damaging to business. 177 Make sure the list is complete Include all your services and your products in your online catalogue. Try not to miss a single one. 178 If the list is not complete, make sure it is clear Some businesses offer an almost endless number of individual products. A car auto supply shop is an example. It would be too troublesome to include every single unit to the online catalogue. Just make sure that your subscribers know that your online catalogue only include select items. 179 Organize products for easier navigation The online catalogue should be organized according to kind. If you are selling mobile phones for example, you can use a separate folder for Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and others. 34

————————————— 35

35 Social Media Power GLOBAL LANGUAGE 180 Open accounts in different languages If your customers and subscribers include people from different countries that speak different languages, you might want to open several accounts. Each account should be similar in content but written in different languages. 181 Offer translation option You may not need to open several accounts. Opening several accounts will scatter the number of subscribers and number of Likes. You may simply offer translation options in your social media page. Facebook offers this option. However, you cannot control what language your subscribers will use when they post a message on your wall. 182 Write in an easy tone Your page should be friendly to all users. Make sure that you only use simple English. This way, people of all ages and education level will be able to benefit from our page. Also, people who are not that adept in English will be able to understand your wall posts. 35

————————————— 36

36 Social Media Power CORRECT TIMING 183 Know when to post Your subscribers might be receiving a lot of new notifications every day. After some time has passed, your wall post might become unnoticeable. This means that you must choose a good time to post (e.g. if your subscribers are mostly students, it would be good to post after school hours when students are most likely online). 184 Know when to repeat a post Your subscribers might comprise of individuals from different countries. As such, their time slots might be different. Repeat a post to make it visible to all your subscribers around the globe. 185 Know how to repeat a post Re-posting a similar wall post might be a good idea at all times. It will look as though you are recycling materials. With Facebook for example, try the ÔshareÕ feature instead. Click the ÔshareÕ button on old posts to refresh it on top of your profile page. 186 Have a timeline for posts Do you have ten or so messages that you need to post? Do not post them all at once. Otherwise, some of the messages might not get noticed. Have a timeline and plan when to post each post. 187 Know when to reply It is not always wise to reply immediately. This is especially the case with trolls. You might want to see how your other subscribers will respond. It is fun to see how some of them will actually defend you. 188 Know when to follow up Some companies like to follow up after a post. They do this by sending newsletters. But do not immediately send a reminder email only days after your original wall post. It will look as though you are desperate. Allow some time to pass first. 189 Know when to change your profile Be in time for Christmas, Halloween, Independence Day, and other holidays. With Christmas for example, it is a good idea to change into Christmas theme months before the actual holiday. 36

————————————— 37

37 Social Media Power 190 Know when to take down a post Some post may no longer be necessary. But do not be hasty in taking them down. Some of your subscribers might still like to see them (e.g. funny videos you made). In other cases, quickly take down a post that you no longer want your subscribers to see (e.g. contains information that is no longer true). 191 Know when to hold a survey There are times when people are more susceptible to agreeing to a survey. For example, they might be in the mood to do a survey after a 3-day discount sale. They might also feel the same during salary days. This is because they are happy and satisfied. 37

————————————— 38

38 Social Media Power CLEVER TRICKS 192 Keep this secret There is a reason why these are called Ôdirty tricksÕ So keep them secret. Do not worry. Probably all online marketers use these tricks. 193 Use dummy accounts to make positive reviews Dummy accounts should each use a unique email for registration. Also, each dummy account must have a private profile (cannot be viewed) to hide the fact that they are in fact dummy accounts. Use these accounts to write positive responses to your wall posts. Also, use these accounts to give positive reviews to the products/services that you advertised. 194 Sound natural Outrageously sounding reviews are not believable. Also, they will raise the suspicion of your other subscribers and other onlookers. Make sure that the positive reviews you posted using your dummy accounts all sound natural. 195 Hire a writer to make positive reviews It is hard to write a convincing review that sounds natural. You might want to hire a professional to do this for you. There is a market for this kind of requests. 196 Hire different writers You want each of the fake reviews to sound different. If they all sound like they are written by the same person, your cover could be blown. Hire different writers. Ask friends to make positive reviews Your friends can help out too. Just make sure these friends are not obviously friends with the employees of your company. Hire a moderator to handle dummy accounts It is difficult to handle multiple dummy accounts. Ask someone to do the task for you. And make sure that they are good at hiding secrets.

CONCLUSION Social media can be a powerful tool. In the right hand, it can propel any business to the top. With the right strategies, a company might see a significant increase in sales within a short period of time. With the right management, a company might gain more popularity from the public. But this is the good side of social media. Just as social media can build you up it can also completely destroy you. Be very careful in the use of social media. We are not trying to talk you out of it. It is just a reminder. Thankfully though, it is not very often that a company wrongly uses a social media account so as to cause significant damage. Hopefully, this will be of great help to you. It should guide you to the right direction. You will be able to avoid the dark side of social media. Instead, you will enjoy the benefits of social mediaÕs good side.

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