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Because of the manner in which Facebook evolved, its user base is used to competitions, coupon deals, special offers and also the ‘like’ our page offers

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and then specials offered solely to these Facebook fans. An example of what I am talking about is when one of my favourite bands (which I won’t name) happened to be playing at a local venue. I was at work right next to this event, and am an enormous fan, however I didn’t hear anything about this special concert as I didn’t follow them on Facebook.

Tickets to go to this concert went into a lottery to folks that had liked the event’s page months before. folks that didn’t get tickets adorned around outside the barriers. This sort of promotion or giveaway drives Facebook fans nuts, and if shared virally can drive thousands of individuals to a page. By using Big Change Marketing services, you will can get more Facebook fans and also get a lot of traffic to your web site.

If you can play around with the Facebook API, or use third party software systems – you’ll be able to orchestrate massive giveaways and competitions for folks that like a page or share a link. One of the powerful tools available is the ability to hide content from folks that aren’t fans. This means you can create a picture with a coupon code (or be very clever and have a script that generates distinctive codes) that solely becomes visible once folks actually Like the page.

Good luck with your Facebook Promotions and keep us in mind if you want to increase your Facebook Fans.

Big Change Marketing Team.

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