LinkedIn For Business Lesson 2

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It’s time for your second lesson in the LinkedIn For Business crash
course. I hope you found lesson one informative and you have your
business profile all set up and you are ready to start making

In this lesson we will go over how to start making connections
via LinkedIn’s groups and events features.

When it comes to using LinkedIn many businesses seem to
underestimate the “Groups” and “Events” features. Majority of the social
network’s users are more bent on making personal connections via
messages and one-on- one interactions. One-on-one interactions are
great but you are not taking advantage of LinkedIn’s full potential if you
are limiting yourself to such traditional strategies.

This is where the “Groups” and “Events” features enter the picture. You
can tap into these features to double or even triple the amount of
connections you make on the site. LinkedIn has constantly improved
these features to make them accessible to anyone. As long as you are
a member of the social network, you can be a part of any group or

First let’s take a look into the “Groups” feature and how you can use it
to make connections. A LinkedIn group is just like any group. If you are
familiar with Facebook groups, they are pretty similar with LinkedIn
groups. It’s

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just a bunch of LinkedIn users who share the same interests,
hobbies, or causes.

There are two common ways that you can get yourself involved with a
group. You can either create a group or you can join one that’s been
created by another user. There’s no limit as to how many groups you
can join. No matter what industry you are in, there are likely dozens of
groups for it on LinkedIn. Use the site’s in-built search functions to look
for these groups that are relevant to your interests or niche.

Obviously, making connections with users who belong to groups you
are interested in is much more effective than making connections with
random members. In essence, it is targeted marketing. You will be
talking to people who will actually listen to what you ave to say.

For instance, let’s say that you are in the business of selling video
games. You can log into your LinkedIn account and search for groups
about video games. You can then join these groups and start
connecting with the other members. When you talk about video games,
there’s an instant audience for you. Of course, there are certain rules
and regulations in these groups

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that you need to follow to make yourself
a helpful member.

The “Events” feature on the other hand is used to draw more attention
or shall we say exposure for an upcoming event. Whether you are
conducting an online webinar, an offline conference, or you just

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want to
let people know that you will be having a booth in some trade show,
creating an “Event” on LinkedIn would be very helpful.

Setting up the “Event” isn’t very hard. As a matter of fact you can have it
live in a couple of minutes. Then all you need to do is invite all your
connections to become a part of it. You can also make use of external
tools like Twitter and Facebook to promote the event.

LinkedIn’s “Groups” and “Events” features are invaluable tools for
making connections. You should take advantage of them whenever you

That’s it for today’s lesson. In your next lesson we will be talking about
how to use LinkedIn Answers for building your business credibility.

Again, We appreciate your joining us for this short course.

Until then,

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