LinkedIn For Business Lesson 3

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Today let’s jump right in and talk about how to use LinkedIn Answers for
building your business credibility.

LinkedIn Answers is a nice feature of this particular social networking
site where members can ask questions, answers questions posted by
other members, or simply browse through all the queries and solutions
posted. It’s actually one of the more popular features of LinkedIn and is
very similar to Yahoo answers.

If you are knowledgeable about a certain topic or industry, you can
make use of the feature to build credibility not only for yourself but for
your business as well.

All you have to do is dive in and start answering questions that you have
answers for. Be careful though as there are certain rules and
regulations that you need to follow when using LinkedIn answers. Read
these guidelines very carefully before you commence answering. A lot
of users got banned from the site for not abiding by the rules. You don’t
want this to happen to you so read the rules.

Here are a few practical strategies on how you can get the most out of
LinkedIn Answers:

1. Focus on topics related to your industry or niche. You are building
credibility for yourself and your business, remember? So if you want to
increase your credibility as an internet marketer, then you must focus on
topics that are related to internet marketing like blogging, affiliate

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marketing, social media marketing, article marketing, search engine
optimization, etc.

The same applies to whatever niche or industry you belong to. As
always, you can find your topics of interest by using LinkedIn’s search
functions. You can just go to the LinkedIn Answers page and start from
there. You can just browse through the available categories and see
where your topic of interest falls.

2. If you are using a feed reader, try to set up RSS feeds for the
categories on LinkedIn Answers that you want to follow. Add these RSS
feeds to your reader so that you get updated whenever there are new
questions in the categories you selected. This gives you the chance of
answering the questions first. Let’s face it, the first few answers to the
questions are the ones that get the most attention and exposure. If you
do this regularly, it’s not that hard to boost your credibility on the site.
People will be constantly seeing you posting helpful answers. This
builds recognition and influence.

3. Don’t just answer questions. Try posting your own questions as
well. Make sure

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queries that
you answered before. Ask questions that you genuinely want to be
answered. This is also a great way to find people who are interested in
your topics. Those people who answer your questions are likely to be
as passionate as you are about certain topics.

4. Follow up your answers to questions. There are instances wherein
after you answer a question, the one who posted it will have a follow-up
question. This is why you need to watch over your previous answers so
that you can elaborate more when the need arises.

If you do it right, the simple act of answering questions on LinkedIn
Answers can significantly boost your credibility on the

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That’s it for today’s lesson. Don’t forget to

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look for your next lesson
soon. We will be talking about Using LinkedIn company pages for
promoting your business.

Until then,

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