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Small to medium businesses would not have thought much about promotion or branding other than the rare ads in print media or printing brochures and flyers to be circulated in and around the servicing area. Advertisements on TV and even on the Radio were strictly reserved for the big players who had the financial leverage to afford such promotion, branding and advertising initiatives. While hoardings and billboards still acted as a mode of promotion or branding but small to medium businesses rarely had huge exposure through such avenues. Besides, exposure to more people and increased awareness among more prospective customers are integral to successful promotion or branding. YouTube has opened up a platform that can be used to fascinating extents for promotion and branding. It is amazing how a quick video can be made to reach out to millions of users, prospective customers, not just in a city but across the world, if one so desires.

YouTube is free to use, there aren’t any advertising or airing charges as with TV or Radio and the outreach is also phenomenal. However, there is one flipside to all of it, rather one shortcoming. Unless a business manages to get the video to gain some attention on YouTube, it is unlikely that the video or the promotion effort would gain any rewards at all. There are millions of videos or branding attempts on YouTube that barely have 100 views and there are several hundreds of videos that have millions of views and plays.

The crux of the problem is that a business needs to get more YouTube plays. Either a company can hope for a video to go viral and get more YouTube plays on its own or one can buy YouTube plays

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It is important to buy YouTube plays if a video is not getting more YouTube plays on its own accord. When users search for a certain category of videos or the same criterion on search engines anticipating getting a few video results, it is always the most relevant and the most popular videos that are listed on top. If you have a video promoting some software, there are likely a few hundreds of such videos on YouTube at the least, if not thousands. To get to the first page of displayed results, it is important to have more YouTube plays than other videos.

Once you (YouTube channel or ID) have a track record of more YouTube plays in general, then your id would receive attention and be given priority in displaying results.

More YouTube plays, is the only way to get more exposure which is the core of promotion and branding.

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