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6 Proven Strategies to Promoting Your Website

There’s a proven way to make money online, you can do this by

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selling information or knowledge you have.

The great part is you’ll be your own boss. You’re work from your home, while earning money on line. Isn’t this fun?

But to successful, you’ll need to promote your website.

Make a comprehensive marketing plan that where you’ve clearly identified your markets and how to appeal to them. You’ll also need to
work closely with your web team to optimize your website, so your business connects with both the human audience and content spiders.

But remember – you can only do some much promotions and marketing before you fall flat on your nose. Be sure you have the following elements present in your website.

To promote your website successfully, you need to have great products and services. Otherwise, they will come in to look but won’t buy. Your promotional efforts will be a total waste.

Make sure your website is perfectly positioned, to sell and process orders. If your e-commerce aspect is not secure, then no one will buy. No matter how many great products you have. No matter how many links you swap with, promoting your website will just be a waste of time.

Third element – internet marketing, means you need a marketing plan which clearly speaks to your audience. Make sure that it’s at a price you can afford. If you spend too much on your promotional efforts, only to have it die down because of lack of funds, you will lose your momentum. So stick to a promotional budget you can afford.

So how do you promote your website?

Website design
Keep your website design basic and user friendly. This means minimizing the use of animation or outlandish colors. Make sure your content has the appropriate keywords in them, so that search engines can read and put you at the upper top of the rankings.

Optimizing your website for search engine rankings

Make it a point to submit your website to two of the most popular and heavily used crawler based search engines – Yahoo and Google. If your promotional budget is small, make sure it’s keyword rich. Then submit, wait patiently for a few months before it to appear. Or you can do a sponsored listing if you have a bigger promotional budget.

Submit your website to directories. This is free; and many seo experts say you’ll dramatically increase your chances of appearing at the top of the search engine results. Try these directories: MSN, Yahoo, Google, AltaVista and Inktomi, for starters.

Do swap links with other websites. Only after, you’ve researched their websites to see if you’re a fit for each other. Some will refuse to swap links, but don’t let it throw you. Just keep trying.

Post authoritative comments about subjects you are knowledgeable about. A majority of these forums give you the freedom to put your URL at the bottom do so.

Lastly – write articles about subjects you are an expert on. Submit these articles to the directories that have big audiences. Include your URL and byline.

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Soon, you’ll get the traffic you need, because of the promotional efforts you’ve done.

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