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Top 5 SoundCloud Music Promotion Tips

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SoundCloud has become the hotbed of music promotions and if any musician is yet to make use of this fascinating platform then it is imperative to get started. While SoundCloud does offer an amazing promotional opportunity and a gateway to get exposure, not many are making an ideal use of it. SoundCloud promotions play a vital role in creating an online audience, a niche and to establish one’s forte for a fan base.

Here are the top 5 tips on SoundCloud Promotions Plays.

  • Sharing is the buzzword in online communities. Unless you are sharing enough stuff and widely enough, there are no fruits at the end of the road. The objective is to reach out to a larger base of audience and to get more and more exposure. The only way to get there is to share your SoundCloud Promotion Plays and this can

    be done through social networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Not only should you share them yourself but to get them viral or to get enough people interested in checking them out, you would need others to share them too. Hence, share them yourself and try to encourage your followers or fans to share them as well.

  • Free music is always good and millions of people around the world do not like to pay for download, buffers or CDs and DVDs. Not many may be willing to buy SoundCloud Plays even after posting free tracks but it is essential to share extensive tracks and exclusive ones for free. The more content a specific account, DJ, band or group has up there, higher are the chances of getting more SoundCloud Promotions Plays and create a larger fan base.
  • Being active is important. Simply uploading tracks wouldn’t do the trick. It is important to follow others, comment on other tracks and get involved with the community.
  • Joining groups is extremely important and one of the most important SoundCloud promotion tips. Examples of these groups can be forums,

    facebook groups

  • You should also contemplate to buy Soundcloud plays from a trusted supplier like (BCM). BCM builds your Campaign by initially researching your target market then creating a highly engaging campaign that will drive high conversion rates of SoundCloud Plays. then launches your campaign when you buy SoundCloud Plays for Australia, U.S or worldwide accounts and they do this through social media promotions and online advertising. Once, you order your SoundCloud plays you will almost instantly start seeing your plays that you ordered increasing.

A combination of all these tips would always get you the desired results and with more SoundCloud plays, followers and comments, you can leverage this power to assist with getting more gigs, charge more and also get your music out there to the world. This ultimately improves you chance to make it in the big time!

Big Change Marketing Team

Buying Twitter followers is trendy

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There is an evident trend across the social media network but more specifically in the social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. What I am referring to is that more and more people are starting to buy Twitter followers.

Buying Twitter followers is not an uncommon service. In fact, many people, politicians and celebrities are using services to buy Twitter followers to support their marketing efforts and of course, to look really popular.

The concept of buying Twitter followers is not a new

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idea either. It has been around for a couple of years now and recently, has grown exponentially. Buying Twitter followers is a way to build your public profile or simply to increases the amount of traffic you get to your account. What you have to do is search online for a few social media network management services that will help you achieve buying more Twitter followers. You can find these companies quite

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easily buy typing into Google something like how do I buy more Twitter followers.

Furthermore, you may actually be surprised with the amount of success you can have with buying Twitter followers online. It may seem like a shortcut but in reality it saves you a lot of time and can potentially save on advertising and promotion expenses. To gain more followers using online marketing techniques like pay per click (PPC) or other advertising schemes, you need to spend a significant amount of time and money for results that might not be as good in comparison to buying more Twitter followers. In order to buy more Twitter followers, all you need to do is engage the services of a reputable company that can assist you with gaining you more followers on Twitter.

Fees associated with buying Twitter followers is small in comparison to the benefit you can glean. Further, you will notice how simple this technique can work for you and discover the ease of being able to buy Twitter followers. Your Twitter account will show the results almost immediately and you will

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be able to see how your Twitter account grows day by day.

Consider buying Twitter followers now. It is hassle free, affordable and you will start enjoying the benefits almost instantly.

Top 5 Excuses for Not Joining Twitter

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Twitter is certainly the talk of the town these days, but there’s still a lot of resistance among marketers and non-marketers alike to joining Twitter. We always hear the same 5 excuses for not joining Twitter. But I’m here to tell you – enough with the excuses, Twitter can actually be a very valuable tool for your business.

Here at the Top 5 Excuses for Not Joining Twitter – and Why They’re Wrong

1. It’s a waste of time for businesses.

Probably the first excuse everyone always gives is that it’s a waste of time and has no value for a business. Though, I admit, many of us at HubSpot have felt that way at one time or another, we have both gotten media coverage by connecting with bloggers and journalists directly, and also generated significant traffic and leads by getting found by potential customers and sharing valuable content that drives them to our website and self-select as leads. Marketers already recognize the value of networking in generating business – well,

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this is taking that networking online, and Twitter is one tool that makes networking easy, painless, and powerful. There are endless business uses we could actually talk about.

2. Why do I need to know this nonsense?

It’s true, there is a lot of “noise” on Twitter with people talking about the spicy burrito they had at lunch, their sick cat, or how concerned they may be about their favorite MLB team. What’s great about Twitter is that you don’t have to follow (and thus get updates from) people whose tweets you don’t enjoy. You can follow someone, and then choose to unfollow if you don’t enjoy their tweets. And you don’t have to follow every “noisy” person who follows you. With that said, don’t write this off altogether – what is sometimes called “noise” is actually an integral part of engaging fully on Twitter, sharing a bit of yourself in order to connect and communicate with others. You don’t need to make it all about business – after all, the lines between personal and business networks are blurring.

3. My customers aren’t on Twitter. Or, my industry is too niche for Twitter.

The first thing I have to say to this is, have you checked? Have you checked if or who is already talking about you or your industry on Twitter? If not, head right over to (once you finish reading this article, of course) and search for your company name, or product name, or even relevant keywords for your business. See if and who is talking about you. If you have a very niche market, perhaps a small audience of engineers or manufacturers, there is all the more reason to connect directly with these people wherever they choose to hang out, which may be Twitter.

4. It takes too much time.

OK, Twitter can definitely be a time-suck at times. You get lost in your twitterstream and before you know it the day could be over. But it doesn’t have to be like that. For one, RSS makes it a lot easier to follow conversations that are directly relevant to you. Head back to where you searched for your company or keywords. At the top right you’ll see a link to “Feed for this query”. Click on the link to subscribe and stay on top of your most important conversations. Beyond that, just check into your main twitterstream a couple times a day to see what’s going on, check your @Replies to see who’s directly replying to you, and you’re done.

5. I don’t want to give people an opportunity to say negative things about me and my company.

The truth is, people are already talking about you and the question is whether or not you will listen and respond. You need to get into that conversation to address your customers’ feedback, even if it’s just to say, hey, we hear you. Listening and responding

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early can have quite a significant impact in, for example, calming fires before they spread. A classic example is the publication of Dell’s product and customer service issues triggered by Jeff Jarvis’ “Dell Hell” blog posts back in 2005. The issues were originally ignored (after all, he’s just one customer) and the story was picked up by numerous blogs, featured in whitepapers, and also chronicled by major publications including The New York Times and Business Week. On the other extreme, a great example from Comcast, where they saw a tweet from an upset customer, responded with a thoughtful, What’s the problem? Can we help? and through a series of tweets turned that upset customer into a happy evangelist for their company.

Credit: Ellie Mirman

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